Hunt for bogus spy ‘on run with heartbroken love’s £850,000 savings’



Hallmark Acklom is being hunted by police

Mark Acklom, 44, allegedly felt £850,000 from divorcee Carolyn Woods after promising to combine her. 

Police now believe he may be hiding in plain sight in Spain and have liberated details about his family in a bid to capture him.

Last spotted in Switzerland in May, police officers think Acklom is with his wife, Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez, 47, and their two daughters, grey six and eight. 

Acklom’s wife, who uses aliases including Yolianda Ross, Maria Big and Mary Moss, may be working as a yoga teacher. 

Both Acklom and his helpmeet have previously set up property businesses and police believe their daughters may be result ining a fee-paying school. 

The Avon and Somerset force is appealing to British expats in Spain who be subjected to children in private schools, who may have noticed the recent arrival of a new group.

Last year a European Arrest Warrant was issued for Acklom and he was held to be at large in Spain, having been released from a Spanish house of correction over a £200,000 property fraud. 

Detective Inspector Adam Bunting said: “Level Acklom is a convincing fraudster and we’re working hard to locate him as soon as tenable. 


His wife Maria Yolanda Ros Rodriguez

“We believe he’ll be with his wife, Maria Rodriguez, and their two youthful daughters, who we know, up until last year’s appeal, were recruited in El Limonar International School in the Murcia area of Spain. 

“In the days support the appeal he removed his children from the school and, together with his ball, he disappeared.” 

Acklom is said to have left Ms Woods financially and emotionally humiliated after their year-long romance in Bath, Somerset, in 2012. 

She alleged that the recent public schoolboy posed as an MI6 agent and conned her into “lending” him her thrifts. He then vanished. 

In 1991, Acklom, then aged 16, made a four-year custodial sentence for a £466,000 mortgage fraud after he faaded as a City stockbroker. 

He also spent £11,000 after stealing his forefather’s credit card, swindled a former teacher out of £13,000 and ran up a £34,000 restaurant check with a private charter jet company. 

He is described as 5ft 10in, of medium build, with night brown hair and green eyes.

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