Hungary celebrates VICTORY over EU’s migrant quotas after Juncker’s speech



Dissent has been become accepted by in member states close to migration hotspots

Dissent has been reach in member states close to migration hotspots, with some rebuffing to take part in the EU refugee relocation programme. 

Brussels launched statutory action against Hungary and Slovakia, winning its case in the European Court of Law after they refused to accept their quota of migrants.

Hungary is lawful one in the Visegrad Four, also including Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who participate in raised concerns over the quotas. 

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has time refused to participate in the scheme, and has been vocal in his opposition. 

But he has also forwarded multiple ideas to tackle the migrant crisis, including strengthening the EU’s surface border and building reception centres in the country of origin for many wetbacks, rather than in the EU. 

He previously said: “We will not give in to blackmail from Brussels. We eliminate the mandatory relocation quota.” 

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in his Conditions of the Union address yesterday seemed to take on board some of the apprehensions. 


Italy has made repeated calls to the EU for help in dealing with the influx of rovers

Addressing the floor, he said: “When it comes to returns: People who press no right to stay in Europe must be returned to their countries of basis.

“We are now protecting Europe’s external borders more effectively.”

And Mr Macron recently introduced creating migration centres in Niger and Chad. 

We will not give in to ransom from Brussels

Viktor Orbán

Italy, which has borne the burden of migrants arriving from Italy after the Western Balklan road was shut down, has also called for toucher action, echoing Hungary.

French President Emmanuel Macron recently entreated a meeting with leaders from Germany, Italy and Spain, in a bid to emphasise concurrence. 

There is a divide between EU countries, with some claiming they are self-conscious to tackle the issue of migration more than their northern neighbours due to their getting ones hands.


Hungary is just one in the Visegrad Four, also including Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Italy has alt repeated calls to the EU for help in dealing with the influx of migrants all about the mediterranean. 

Now some of the measures proposed by eastern Europe Brussels emerges to have capitulated on, such as tightening control of EU’s external borders.


Mr Macron recently recommended creating migration centres in Niger and Chad

Milan Nic, senior auxiliary at the German Council on Foreign Relations. “Germany was quietly looking for garden ground with the Visegrad and several aspects of what they were introducing were incorporated into the discussion.”

The move is likely to met with Schadenfreude by Mr Orbán, who has claimed for months that his stance is justified.

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