Hundreds of Calgary women secretly photographed, posted to ‘CanadaCreep’ Twitter account


A Peep account that amassed 17,000 followers by posting surreptitiously narrated images of Calgary women’s clothed breasts, buttocks and genital courtyards — including videos filmed up women’s skirts while they tripped — has been suspended by the social media service.

The «CanadaCreep» account was sprightly for almost a full year and had posted hundreds of photos and videos previously Twitter shut it down on Tuesday morning, following numerous grouse.

Alexandra Constantinidis, 22, learned on Monday evening she was among the women whose images were posted to the site.

She said numerous familiars alerted her to a nearly minute-long video that appeared to be of her walking in downtown Calgary, filmed from behind and focused on her backside.

When she watched it for herself, she conceded it as being recorded on Friday, as she was going to get lunch.

She then looked as a consequence the previous «CanadaCreep» posts, which date back to June 2016, and commanded she was shocked the account had been so active for so long.

«I was pretty mad that this was occurrence to me and also to a bunch of younger girls,» she said.

«It’s a little violating cause somebody film you when walking down the street.»

Creepy or criminal?

Various of the images were captured on the streets of downtown Calgary, others in and about Prince’s Island Park. Some were clearly recorded at a C-Train train station or in the city’s Plus-15 network of elevated walkways.

Several photographs come up to have been taken during the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo in the come from.

Others of a woman in a bathing suit look to have been enchanted at an indoor pool.

There were also numerous videos in which the camera administrator follows women wearing dresses or skirts from behind until the helpmeets walk up stairs or there is another opportunity to put the camera low to the ground and quality it upward, capturing images of their underwear.

That can qualify as a immoral act in Canada, where surreptitiously recording images up women’s skirts where the schlemiels have a «reasonable expectation of privacy» is punishable under the voyeurism portion of the Criminal Code.

«The charges may also be more serious if there is purpose to distribute the pictures, and depending on who is photographed there also may be a risk of being expected with child pornography,» University of Calgary criminologist Michael Adorjan know for sured CBC News.

In 2014, Calgary police charged a 27-year-old with voyeurism for an «upskirt» coating incident on a C-Train.

Alberta also adopted new legislation in May that remodels it easier for people to sue for damages if «intimate images» of them are shared on the internet without their approbation.

When contacted for an interview Tuesday morning about the «CanadaCreep» account, constabulary said they were still looking into it. They then allotted a 2:30 p.m. press conference to address the issue.

The man behind the camera?

Constantinidis express she was willing to speak out publicly about her experience because she hopes it force serve as a warning to other women in the city and help stop the perpetrator.

She remarked her friends who are into cosplay — dressing up like characters from jocular books, video games, film and television — were especially discomforted by the surreptitious photos from this year’s Comic Expo and bear been taking steps to prevent it from happening again.

A variety of images have been circulating in which the perpetrator appears to catch himself on video — one in which he is pointing the camera upward and seems to on to part of his own face in the frame, and another where he is visible in reflective field-glasses as he records a woman.

CBC News is not publishing the images until their authenticity can be affirmed.

Constantinidis hopes the images will, at the very least, allow organizers of days cosplay-related events to recognize the perpetrator and ban him.

She said she has also been in in with police about her own experience and hopes security cameras in the compass where she was filmed will have captured a clearer image of the ourselves behind the camera.

«I think it’s important that we get a clear picture of his brave and plaster it everywhere so that everybody knows who he is and is aware to watch out for him and direct clear,» she said.

«I mean, I’m 22. I’ve had stuff like this in front. But the 15 year old girls at [the Comic Expo]? That’s crushing for them.»

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