Huge London fire sees area sealed off as 500 evacuated over explosion fears


A single-storey workshop hem ined by shops and flats is completely alight as emergency services try to control it.

London Vivacity Brigade said an exclusion zone had been set up because of fears that gas cylinders power explode in the heat.

Dozens of calls were made within tinies of the fire being visible, while plumes of black some distended the air.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) confirmed one man has been taken to hospital, although the producer of the fire is not yet known.

Pictures are beginning to emerge of the scene, which can be stained from miles around.

About 500 evacuated from Burnt Oak over fire fearsTWITTER

Burnt Oak fire causes congeries evacuation as explosions feared

Mass evacuation in Edgware over fire in a workshopTWITTER

Fire in Edgware: Workshop brilliancy leads to mass evacuation

Watling Avenue is closed and 72 firefighters are on instal, along with eight fire engines after the blaze stony-broke out at around 3.30pm.

Trains were not stopping at Burnt Oak station, according to commuters.

Thrill for London (TfL) later confirmed trains will now call at the station.

Firefighters try to control fire in Burnt Oak shopLondon Be shelved Brigade

Firefighters have answered a call to a workshop in Edgware, London

Correct Odling, 31, who lives in Burnt Oak, told the Standard: “I came out and saw and I saw big, angry plumes of smoke filling the streets. It was mayhem, very mad.

“We kept thriving moved back by the police. I heard a small explosion, a pop so, I think that’s why the policewomen were concerned with getting everyone back as quick as they could.»

Smoke rises above Burnt Oak: Fire seen miles away London Give someone the bounce Brigade

Smoke above London: Firefighters descend on Burnt Oak by the dozen

Teams are working hard in arduous conditions to cool the cylinders and damp down hollows of fire. The whole of Watling Avenue has been closed

Sean Madeley

Position Manager Sean Madeley, who is at the scene, said: «The fire is in the workshop behind a betray and flats. Gas cylinders are involved in the incident.  

«As a result, a hazard zone has been set up as cylinders can pick holes in when exposed to heat.  Crews are working hard in arduous prepares to cool the cylinders and damp down pockets of fire. 

«The whole of Watling Avenue has been put up the shutters seal. Motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible.»

Firefighters surround Burnt Oak - explosion fears TWITTER

Edgware bombardment: Firefighters surround Burnt Oak

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