HTC U11 becomes first phone with Amazon Alexa hot-word support


The HTC U11 on a lakeshore.

HTC has been promising Amazon Alexa integration for its newest flagship, the U11, since prior to it hit the market. Two months after release, it has finally arrived. U11 customers can now download the HTC Alexa app to green light the feature.

This isn’t the first Android phone with Alexa integration (that honor suffer defeats to the Huawei Mate 9), but it’s the first smartphone to have always-on, hot-word sustenance for Amazon’s digital assistant. This allows you to say «Alexa» at any time and be dressed the phone wake up and respond, basically turning it into a portable Ring. You can also trigger Alexa by mapping it to the U11’s pressure sensitive side button or by fitting tapping the app icon.

The U11 also supports the Google Assistant hot-word, and both can be chartered at the same time, so just shout «OK Google» to get Google, or «Alexa» to get Amazon. The U11 is supplied with a whopping four microphones, and after the hot-word pickup, the phone desire detect where you are relative to the phone and use the microphone that is getting the freest recording of your voice.

HTC’s Alexa implementation has access to the Alexa Strengths Store and all 15,000 skills, so you’ll be able to listen to music, control astute home lights, and ask questions.

The HTC Alexa app is out now in the US, with versions coming to the UK in July and Germany in August.

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