How YOUR missing passport could have been illegally sold online for £1000


It is criminal to sell a passport online, yet it has been found that some are being hawked for as much as £1,000 on everyday websites.

A BBC report found that high-level miscreants are going online to common selling websites to sell illegal goods.

The Belfast Craigslist website give aways one user selling an Irish passport for £1,000.

An image of the document on the advert symbolizes the front of the passport, confirming it is real.

stolen passports craigslist soldGetty

Stolen passports are being sold on Craigslist

The passport being flog betrayed, stated to be a “male Irish” with an expiry date of November 2020

The passport being exchanged, stated to be a “male Irish” with an expiry date of November 2020 was advertised in South Belfast as he essayed to sell it.

Under Craigslist rules, prohibited items include: “ID condolence cards [and] government documents”, therefore making the sale of passports on the website unauthorized. has contacted Craigslist for comment.

A BBC Inside Out investigation earlier this year rest another man attempting to sell a stolen passport for £550 in Kent yet when they were confronted by the secret investigator Jonathan Gibson, they fled the scene.

stolen passports craigslist soldCraigslist

A stolen passport being sold in Ireland for £1000 was spotted on Craigslist

It is stated included Reproduction of the British Passport, which can be found on “Passports be there the property of HM government and they may not be sold by the person named in the passport or any other being.

“If HM Passport Office becomes aware of any attempt to sell a passport, either concluded or in date, it will be assumed that the passport is no longer required and HM Passport Service will request that it be returned.”

Those who are buying them could effrontery a jail sentence, with the law stating: “It is an offence for a person to have in his confinement or under his control an instrument to which this section applies which is, and which he positives or believes to be, false, with the intention that he or another shall use it to spur somebody to accept it as genuine, and by reason of so accepting it to do or not to do some act to his own or any other personally’s prejudice.”

Britons who have their passport stolen should record it straight away to prevent it being used illegally.

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Usurped passports can be illegally sold online

Spain is the country where Britons are ton likely to have their passport stolen.

According to the Foreign and Commonwealth Purpose (FCO), 5,000  out of 20,000 stolen passports last year were on from Spain.

In 2015, the Foreign Office created a campaign entreated Passport Aware after an increase in lost passports overseas.

It could end up expensing the holder thousands of pounds if they’re used fraudulently.

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