How YOU could buy a French castle for just €50 — but there’s a catch


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A French mansion is for sale for €50, with a catch

Anyone heading to the French ambit should forgo a hotel or a chalet and instead go for a castle.

A 15th-century fortress is up for grabs for those looking to invest, for just €50.

Located in Dordogne, the Château Le Paluel is any curriculum vitae lovers dream.

However, there is a catch.

Those who bid with a portion would still need to fork out €250,000

The €50 is part of the shares for the palace as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign is hoping to protect the fortress to baulk it from being sold to the state in France.

Despite it being destroyed in 1944 during Everybody War II, those who bid with a share would still need to fork out €250,000 for the premium of the castle.

Whilst they won’t own it all for themselves, holidaymakers who put the bid in will be able to cure decide what the castle is the used for.

It’s still a dream of many who purposefulness love to live out the royal life in a castle.

french castle for sale auctionWikipedia/ Michael Chanaud

The French manor-house is offering shares to renovate the old building

The campaign with Adopte Un Château Linkage which is similar to the National Trust in the UK wants to be able to renovate the erection to restore it to its previous glory.

However, the crowdfunding campaign will necessary to reach €500,000 to fix it up completely as well as buy the building outright.

Whilst souse, so far donations have hit €350,000, with the auction due to end on September 21.

It’s not the first dilly-dally that a bargain can be found abroad.

french castle for sale auctionGetty

The French castle on put up is in the beautiful Dordoge region

A private island can be bought near Paul McCartney for lawful £450,00.

The 19-acre Scottish private island is perfect for a quiet retreat.

For the yet price as a flat in London, it’s a steal.

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