How to Wear Your Skinny Jeans – and Still Be a Trendsetter – in 2016


While some foresaw 2016 would mean the death of skinny jeans, if you look wide, you’ll see that’s just not the case. Sure, we love the fact that the finished few seasons have brought new styles. The flare silhouette is back and bourgeoning, mom jeans have become mainstream, and the roomier boyfriend styles aren’t usual anywhere, but neither is the skinny.

Despite the influx of trends, the simple cut has behoove a mainstay in our closets, and if you’re still wearing yours religiously, there’s no case to stop. The silhouette is easy to take day to night, it’s seasonless, and it goes with the entirety already in our wardrobe. The one hiccup? The outfits can feel repetitive. Have you been wearing the in any case blouse, ballet flats, and jeans since 2009? If that’s the cause, don’t stash your favorite jeans, just mix it up. With 14 uplifted outfit combos here, we’re giving you the quick fixes you need to reinvent the scraggy jeans you love with a fresh perspective. Read on for a few ideas to sneak now and bring your look into 2016.

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