How to run a successful design agency


Combined packaging design specialist Equator shares advice on what it accepts to stand out as a successful design consultancy in a competitive landscape.

How to run a successful design agency

Make advances to creativity

Even the most talented team in the world would contest to come up with winning ideas in a stifling environment.  Building an support environment that is conducive to creativity is vital.  We worked closely with architects to devise environments at our Manchester, Chicago, Nottingham and Dublin offices that ignite creativity.  These purposefully commodious, open plan offices maximise human interaction and drive the the Exchange of ideas.

Keeping the flow of ideas going creates a dynamic, unstinting work culture, where all the team feel involved in the creative make and confident enough to share their flashes of inspiration.

Attract the greatest talent

By focusing on culture, you’re also making great strides when it become public to attracting and retaining the best people. A reputation for excellence and taking sadness of your employees is an attractive combination and makes all those on the team requisite to give their best.

It’s our continued investment in people and infrastructure from one end to the other of our global operations that has helped Equator to win business from chief retail and food brands in the US, the UK and beyond.  By having the right balance of skillsets in our conspire, we have been able to deliver dependable success for our clients.

During the appointing process it is important to look beyond the CV, as having passion and the right somebody is a much greater indication of someone’s potential.   Finding sufficient people can be tough, but if you get the culture right, they’ll come to you.

Understand your characters

One size definitely does not fit all clients.  That’s why we adopt a bespoke near.  The whole culture of our business is creative and geared towards delivering what the shopper wants in a way that no-one else has thought of.

Successful design affairs must be adaptive and agile to meet their customers’ needs.  It’s effective to really get into the head of the client, live and breathe the product and on the spot the design concept that will put their products in consumers’ shopping baskets.

Hold an eye on the bigger picture

Leaders of successful design agencies must constantly be looking into the future to stay put one step ahead of the industry and target compatible future clients.  This bigger sketch outlook keeps growth coming through and provides the imperative to constantly originate the client offering.

We are constantly working with people across the obligation to research and engage brands that we’d like to work with and expose them how we can be part of their structure. It can take us up to 18 months of investigate, engagement and communication before we secure a piece of work with a have a yen for brand.

Be different

With design, digital photography and in-house shaping all working together, we can truly deliver our designs to shelf with no compromise. We can prioritise at liberty to meet deadlines and deliver everything our customers need from one getting ones hands.

You have to do things differently to really stand out.  From delivering vanguard of schedule to exceeding expectations with your work rate.  By assemble b assembling stuff done you prove that productivity is just as important to your party as creativity – and that really is a winning combination.

Be consistent

Clients prize the fact that they are guided through the whole packaging passage; from strategy and concept, through to design, photography, artwork and radio show.

Standards throughout the whole process are consistent and reliable; building sign and close, long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Meet communication throughout the whole team means that everyone is on the that having been said page and feels accountable for delivering excellent results time and again.

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