How to lose SEVEN stone – woman reveals diet plan behind incredible transformation


A abigail who has lost a whopping amount of weight revealed her secret on Reddit.

The young lady, who survives by “Nikitabug” on the website, went from 19 stone to a slim 12.5 stone.

She weep a total of 100lbs or 7.14 stone.

But how did she do it? The dieter revealed she followed a identified with diet.

Nikitabug told Reddit users: “I don’t count calories at all. I sought that with little success.

Weight loss: Woman whoop it ups low carb diet secret behind incredible SEVEN stone alteration

“Instead, I just eat low carb, natural foods. No sugar. No starch.

“I eat when I’m greedy and stop when I’m full. I eat a lot of high fat options. Butter, bacon, and cream cheese are regulars on my platter.

“I never starve myself or even go hungry. Regardless of what in the flesh say my health is better than ever and I feel amazing.

“I believe entirety heartedly that sugar and starch (which is essentially sugar) is the contender of weight loss.”

In terms of exercise, she began to work out frequently.


Weight annihilation: Woman reveals low carb diet secret behind incredible SEVEN stone conversion

Nikitabug said: “I also worked out 30mins -1.5 hours, (depending on how I bear) 5 to 6 days a week.

“Cardio and strength. And took boxing discouragements. although it’s much less frequent lately.

“I just started effectuating out again after my skin removal surgery.”

She also revealed that her reduce was the key to her weight loss rather than her exercise.

She said: “I do want to add that I farmed out for a year before changing my diet. And only lost 10 to 15 purges.


Weight loss: Internet user revealed how she lost seven stone with a low carb diet


Weight loss: She shed a total of 100lbs or 7.14 stone

“In days gone by I started a low carb lifestyle I lost 50 pounds in 3 months…so it is in reality true that you lose weight in the kitchen and get fit in the gym.”

The dieter also annexed that after losing the weight she had a tummy tuck to remove the red over excess skin.

She added: “I should add that I had a tummy tuck in February to discharge the excess skin on my abdomen.

“I hate posting pics like this without revealing it.

“I don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking my skin just split back on it’s own.”

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