How to live longer: Three things you should do to add seven years to life


How to live longer: Smoking, obesity and alcohol are three factorsGETTY

How to flaming longer: Smoking, obesity and alcohol are three factors

Now a study has celebrated stopping drinking alcohol at moderate levels is one of the three factors which can serve people live longer.

The other two, a study has revealed, are stopping smoking and vouchsafing a healthy weight — not becoming overweight or obese.

A new study has revealed people who refrain from delightful in risky health behaviours not only have a long life — but most of the years are fork out in good health.

The study looked at data from more than 14,000 partake ins, found that people who never smoke and who aren’t obese breathe four to five years longer than the average population.

They said the particularly years of life were free of disability.

How to live longer: Changing three factors could help you live longerGETTY

How to live longer: Changing three ingredients could help you live longer

Scientists also found those who also preoccupied alcohol in moderate levels lived seven more years without inability than the general population.

These people had a longer life expectancy than Japan’s customarily — a country which consistently ranks highly.

Nikki Myrskyla, cicerone of the Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research in Germany, who conducted the research, indicated: “ Improvements in medical technology are often thought to be the gatekeeper to healthier, longer liveliness.

“We showed that a healthy lifestyle, which costs nothing, is sufficient to enable individuals to enjoy a very long and healthy life.

How to live longer: Alcohol should be consumed in moderationGETTY

How to last longer: Alcohol should be consumed in moderation

We showed that a sturdy lifestyle, which costs nothing, is enough to enable individuals to get off on a very long and healthy life.

“A moderately healthy lifestyle is sufficient to get the benefits.

“Avoiding becoming obese, not smoking, and consuming alcohol medium is not an unrealistic goal.”

The study showed men who are not overweight, had never smoked, and celebrated moderately were found to live an average of 11 years greater than men whopper overweight, had smoked and drank excessively.

For women, the gap between these two corps was found to be even greater, at 12 years.

«Our results show how momentous it is to focus on prevention.

«Those who avoid risky health behaviours are accomplishing very long and healthy lives.

«Effective policy interventions objective health behaviors could help larger fractions of the population to accomplish the health benefits observed in this study,» the researcher said.

Guidelines pomp people should drink no more than 14 units a week to conserve health risks from alcohol to a low level.

This comes after it was make knew drinking just one glass of wine or pint of beer a day can increase the chance of developing an irregular heartbeat and even increase the risk of stroke. 

The review was published in Health Affairs.

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