How to get white teeth: DIY kits could cause a mouth INFECTION and nerve DAMAGE


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Teeth whitening: Child are damaging their teeth with DIY kits

Teeth whitening has fructified in popularity of late, thanks to the anti-ageing and aesthetically-pleasing effect of a gleaming grin.

Increasing numbers have been tempted to use a DIY teeth whitening kit suborn over-the-counter or online, rather than have it done by a professional.

How in the world, an expert has warned of the dangers of whitening teeth at home, such as lips infections, gum recession and tooth nerve damage.

“Many people neediness to have cosmetically whitened teeth, and are going to crazy lengths to get their desired aesthetic look,” guessed Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, a cosmetic dentist and facial aesthetician, told

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Teeth whitening: Man are risking nerve damage and mouth infections

DIY teeth whitening trappings can risk nerve damage and a mouth infection

“Teeth bleaching is a excellently known procedure that is normally carried out by a professional and medically sanctioned dentist.

“However, it is becoming increasingly popular for people to opt for over-the-counter or online bleaching paraphernalia. 

“This in incredibly dangers and can put patients at risk of mouth infections, tooth hunger, gum recession – shrinkage – and even tooth nerve damage.

“Alongside the severe health problems, over the counter bleach may also be fake, non stuff or cause uneven patchy white spots.”

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Teeth whitening: DIY tackles can damage the teeth and strip the gums

Dr Krystyna explained this was because teeth are made from a series called dentine which is a naturally yellow shade.

Whiteness premiere c end from the hard enamel coating covering the teeth she said.

“More than time this enamel can wear and thin, which means teeth rise more yellow as the dentine shows through,” she warned.

But other pieces such as coffee, red wine and smoking may cause stained teeth.

To engagement this you can have your teeth whitened.

“Tooth bleaching reasons a carbide peroxide gel of 16 per cent,” Dr Krystyna.

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Teeth whitening: Dodging refined sugar can help keep them white

“This oxides with the dentine and lessens the ions and minerals of the teeth, therefore providing a lovely white taint.”

She warned that over-the-counter bleaches often contain a high acidity of blench which can harm teeth and strip gums.

“Some products pushed are also very abrasive and remove enamel layers whilst tiresome to alleviate staining,” she added.

If professional teeth whitening is currently out of your assess range there are a number of other steps you can take to maintain pale teeth.

Dr Krystyna recommended brushing teeth twice a day, preferably with an stimulating brush and floss, and avoiding drinks high in tannins, including coffee, tea and red wine.

Limiting urbane sugar can also help, since that could prevent collapse which in turn may blacken teeth.

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