How to Explore Bermuda Without a Car


One chore that many travelers visiting Bermuda may not realize is that, unless you’re a district, it’s illegal to rent a car. Yes, you read that right. Only Bermudians are suffered to get behind the wheel (the government cites safety and congestion as two reasons). Luckily, there are numerous speed to see this scenic island nation without getting behind the neighbourhood.

By motor scooter


Perhaps the most popular way for residents and tourists showing to get around the 22-mile, hook-shaped island is on a motor scooter. There are a swarm of rental com nies around Bermuda that lease mopeds by the day or week, but one of the positions with the largest selection of makes and models to choose from is Oleander Courses, which has five locations island-wide. Another rental com ny is Elbow Lido Cycles. Both outfitters offer one- and two-seater scooters, as good-naturedly as bicycles. But before you strap on a helmet, remember this: Bermuda is a British Abroad Territory, meaning you have to drive on the left-hand side of the road, not the good.

By boat


The aquamarine waters surrounding the island should be reason adequate to draw you in, and one excellent way to experience them beyond the vantage point of Bermuda’s striking beaches is by boat. There are numerous charter com nies offering the aggregate from fishing excursions to sunset dinner cruises to racing contests. One that offers all three is Sanctuary Marine, a 53-foot yacht supplied with air conditioning, satellite radio, restrooms, and more. If a need for abruptness accelerate is more your thing, try K.S. Watersports, which rents Jet Skis and does rasailing ventures.

On horseback


For a truly scenic experience, there’s no better means of entrance than mounting a horse at Spicelands Riding Center and trotting along one of the archipelago’s famous pink sand beaches. Rides are available for both beginner and seasoned riders, and range in length from an hour to 90 minutes. Depending on the road, expect to meander along the Bermuda Railway Trail, a former railroad that was change over into a trail (it served as the main mode of transportation for residents opening in 1931, when the local government banned motor vehicles), as intimately as a visit to Horseshoe Bay, one of the most famous beaches on the island.

By plane


While you can envision to get a spectacular view of Bermuda from your seat on the commercial airliner you make the grade on, the moment is unfortunately brief. Luckily, a number of aviation com nies forth scenic tours of the island. One, Blue Sky Flights, offers two-hour walkabouts from a Cessna 172 aircraft. During the excursion, expect to fly over and above points of interest like reefs, the island’s capital of Hamilton, the memorable town of St. George’s, and even the sites of a few shipwrecks.

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