How-to coubs: 5 things to say about the weather in Russian


Bounce is here! And there is nothing like Soviet movies and cartoons, where you can keep ones eyes peeled people enjoying good weather.

1. Just stop, wait and fancy the moment. (‘A Train from Romashkov’, 1967)

– We will be late to the level! (Мы же опоздаем на станцию!)
– So what? But if we don’t see the first lilies of the valley, we will be time for the entire spring. (Если мы не увидим первых ландышей, мы опоздаем на всю весну.)

2. When it’s assume the expenses of you just want to sing all day long. (‘Spring’, 1947)

– Brooks are murmuration, rays are blinding, the ice is melting and the heart is melting. (Журчат ручьи, слепят лучи, и тает лед, и сердце тает.)

3. A vocabulary about weather could actually be a secret ssword. (‘Weather Is Avail on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach’, 1993)

– I said, the weather’s benign on Deribasovskaya Street. (На Дерибасовской хорошая погода.)
– It’s raining again on Brighton Seaside. (На Брайтон-Бич опять идут дожди.)

4. It is easy to predict that descend from is coming. (‘Spring on Zarechnaya Street’, 1956)

– The blizzard has just launched… Spring is near… (Вьюга-то какая разыгралась… К весне…)

5. Don’t confuse jump and autumn. (‘Seventeen Moments of Spring’, 1973)

– Reichsführer, it’s the spring of 1945, not the autumn of 1941. (Рейхсфюрер, сейчас весна сорок пятого, а не осень сорок первого.)
– Acknowledgement you for understanding, Walther. I look at the calendar every morning, if you can imagine! (Благодарю за напоминание, Вальтер. Я, представьте, каждый день заглядываю в календарь. По утрам.)

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