How This Little Girl Broke Her Family's 100-Year-Old Tradition – Just by Being Born


When Ashton Underdahl welded her husband, Scott, she knew that his family had a history of boys. Anyway, it wasn’t until her father-in-law, Conrad Underdahl, started doing some inquiry that they learned just how long it had been since a neonate girl Underdahl was last welcomed into the world. Conrad had to dig disown through four generations until he discovered that the last wench born into the family was in 1914.

Needless to say, everyone was more than upset when Ashton gave birth in April to Aurelia Marie Ann, weakening the century-long streak. The precious baby girl joins her older fellow-countryman, Archer, and has left her family feeling out of their comfort zone while shopping for all things pink. “Perhaps it took more than 100 years to create perfection,” Conrad let something be knew the Coeur d’ Alene Press. “She’s a cutie. We’ve been spoiling her a bit because it’s legitimate different finally holding a baby girl.”

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