How SAFE is Florida? Flights resume after airport shooting rampage


Florida’s acceptance as a tourist destination has been threatened in the wake of a horrific shooting carousal inside the airport

Florida is extremely popular with British rubberneckers seeking the world’s best theme parks, but its safety has been requested into question after a fatal shooting spree inside Fort Lauderdale Airport. 

The southern US specify boasts the theme park capital of the world, home to iconic objectives Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. 

But its popularity as a tourist stopping-place has been threatened in the wake of a horrific shooting spree inside the airport’s terminal two, in the baggage requisition area at 1pm local time (18.00 GMT)

A gunman wearing a Star Wage war withs T-shirt went on a bloody shooting rampage at the Florida airport, debilitating at least five people and injuring eight others with a balked gun.

The lone shooter is understood to have flown into Fort Lauderdale Airport on a Canadian take a run-out powder with a checked gun.

florida travel update airport shooting GETTY

Florida has been rocked by a rush spree inside Fort Lauderdale Airport

After arriving in baggage save, he pulled his weapon from his bag and moved to the bathroom to load it. 

He remerged ere long afterwards and started randomly firing shots at passengers near a baggage carousel.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson reportedly ventured the gunman has been identified as 26-year-old Esteban Santiago, who was carrying military ID.

The shadowy, an Iraq war veteran, had previously told FBI that he heard voices in his inhibit forcing him to fight for ISIS, according to reports.  

The city’s mayor influenced emergency services were called to the scene on Friday. 

florida travel update airport shooting GETTY

Florida: A gunman went on a flash rampage inside the US state’s airport at baggage claim

All flyings to and from the airport were temporarily suspended. All services have now resumed but the airport ignored on their website that passengers should check with their porter as “not all airlines will resume service at the same time”.

It also advised on twitter that some flights departing from Fort Lauderdale airport may be rescinded.

For passengers who fled the airport during the shooting leaving their bags at baggage claim, the airport tweeted the following notice: “FLL is collecting and organizing over 20,000 bags/personal items left from the evacuation. This is a conditions consuming and complex process.

“FLL wants to ensure each of the 20,000 matters is returned to its righful owner. More details to folllow on where/when to pick up the jottings.”

All roads to the airport have now been reopened too.

florida fort lauderdale airport shootingREUTERS

Passengers and stake were evacuated as the gunman open fired

Port of Miami stage up security measures “out of an abundance of caution”.

More than 73,000 people fly in and out of the in fashion Florida airport everyday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated its communication to travellers in response to the incident. 

On its website the FCO said: “The British Consulate Customary in Miami is in contact with local authorities and urgently seeking remote information following reports of an incident in Fort Lauderdale International Airport in Florida.

“You should debris vigilant and follow the advice of the local security authorities and/or your sightsee operator.”

florida travel update airport shooting GETTY

Florida: All flights to and from the airport have been for now suspended

The FCO said this morning that Brits in Florida should “in your friends and family in the UK to let them know you are safe”.

And those who beget plans to travel to Florida from the UK, or back home from Florida, the FCO admonished: “You should contact your airline or tour operator for advice hither any disruption to your travel plans.”

Some 3.8 million British populars visit the United States every year and according to the FCO, most assails are trouble free.

There is a general threat from terrorism, to which the FCO warns: “Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places visited by foreigners. You should prepositor media reports and remain vigilant at all times.”

It remains unclear whether this airport stem was an act of terror.

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