How parents spend £100,000s to get their children into the best 'free' schools


Abodes in the catchment area of state schools rated ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted jurisdiction an average premium of £43,773, found

But in some rts of the surroundings, keen rents y far more to guarantee their child’s spot in a top.

A home imminent St Luke’s Primary School in Brighton and Hove is a whopping £151,121 sundry expensive on average than other properties in the area.

An address in the catchment scope for the Crowland Primary School in Haringey, London, is typically £193,816 more than townsperson homes outside the net.

The phenomenon is also seen in Cornwall and Norfolk where lands near the Bodriggy Academy and Trowse Primary School are £83,371 and £89,261 more costly respectively.

The huge added expense appears to all but cancel out the effects of the adherents being free.

Alex Gosling, chief executive of said: “One of the most valuable bonuses we can give our children is a good education, and many rents will go to abundant lengths to get their children a place at the best local state-funded elementary school.

“But there is a price to y for the best free schooling.

“Private course of study is out of reach for many families, which is why there is high demand for make goods at top rated state primary schools.

“Attending an outstanding state votaries can offer an education as good as, if not better, than ying to go private, but with mark prices close to the best state schools commanding average rewards of 18 per cent, ying the price to live close by certainly doesn’t equate to a clear education.”

In select rts of the country, rents can live within the catchment zone of primary schools rated outstanding and actually y less for a home than the tract average.

For example, properties near the Mayflower Primary School in Essex are typically £4,875 trifling than the area average.

And in Lambeth, London, properties near the Henry Cavendish Elementary School are on average £18,949 cheaper than homes outside the catchment zone.

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