How often are planes hit by lightning? Experts reveal the SHOCKING truth


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Flats are hit by lightning this many times a year

Planes being hit by lightning can be a formidable experience for those unused to flying.

The thought of being in the air during a lightning rain can cause those to fear that the plane could be damaged or neck crash.

However, how often they get hit isn’t as high as people may think.

Level surfaces are also very unlikely to even suffer much damage, let merely be hit at all.

The Federal Aviation Conduct (FAA) estimates that lightning hits a plane once every year.

The Federal Aviation Management (FAA) estimates that lightning hits a plane once every year.

This, on mean, is once every 1,000 hours of flight time.

However, this can all depend on what roads the airline flies with as some geographical spots are more acceptable to be hit, with research finding that lightning is more likely at transitional altitudes of 8,000 to 14,000 feet.

Those that do get struck by lightning should rest secure, as planes are now fixed with lighting protection equipment which can keep safe the aircraft up to 30,000 amperes.

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Lightning strikes hit planes one a year on ordinary

Those who live in fear of being in a plane when it happens can arrive assured, as the last plane crash due to lightning was in 1967 after it caused a incitement tank to explode.

Yet aviation technology has improved since then, both to safeguard the plane and to give pilots more information on how to avoid any lightning zones whilst in the air.

Quora buyer Clarke Barry wrote: “When lightning strikes, passengers and body may see a flash and hear a loud noise, but nothing serious can happen.”

ABC Story states that the chance is just one in 1250 for passengers who fly, so whilst various likely than on the ground, it is still not very frequent.

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Slips have lightning protection equipment to avoid it causing too much check compensation

The strength of an aircraft was captured by a woman who ended up taking photographs of a plain being hit by lightning a whopping three times.

Tracy Meakin Stainless, 43, took the shocking picture of the KLM flight from Amsterdam as it was deplaning at Birmingham airport.

Tony Everitt, a passenger onboard stated that the aeronaut remained calm and said, upon landing: “Ladies and gentlemen, you may possess noticed we were hit by lightning.” 

However, the flight landed safely without any wounds or damage.

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