How not to get hacked: CBC's Marketplace consumer cheat sheet


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Big banks, big quandaries

CIBC bank machine

Checking your monthly statement for unexpected fees is crucial to your pecuniary well-being. (J.P. Moczulski/Reuters)

Bank employee confessions about the prevail upon they’re under to sell you stuff opened the floodgates.

Now, the consumer watchdog needs to hear from anyone who has «experienced what they believe to be throw off the scenting business practices, or who have received a financial product or service to which they did not permission.»

Here’s one place to start: check your bank statements.

Command for business class

Here’s a new one in the economics of getting out of economy class. Air Canada is interposing an auction-style system where passengers make a cash bid to upgrade their seat. The foremost the bid, the more likely you’ll get bumped up.

Alternate reality

Julia Marchese

Julia Marchese votes she believed Chris Robinson when he offered to put her on a reality TV show — in exchange for boodle. (Ivan Arsovski/CBC)

This small Ontario town thought it was bug a reality show. But it actually got a convicted fraudster.

Business owners were notified a show called Burger Wars Canada was going to put their mom-and-pop restaurants on the map, so they forked past some cash to the «producer.» The host of the real Burger Wars was surprised by the account.

Bill fail

If you think your phone bill problems are the wild, maybe not.

A woman whose father died in November says that hours on the phone and two prints of the death certificate haven’t stopped Bell from sending peckers and withdrawing money from her dad’s account. 

What else is going on?

After a outflowing of recalls, this pot producer is taking extra steps to prove its by-product is pesticide-free.

This week in recalls: These energy bars, this XBOX controller charger, and this bike leave.  

How not to get hacked and an Air Miles update

Air Miles rewards program

Air Miles is making changes to its loyalty sites program. (CBC)

How can you protect your phone? As threats to your data and digital word continue to pop up in the news, we show you what you need to know to protect your phone.

And, if you’re foreseeing to turn Air Miles into road miles in a rental car, they may not go as far as they inured to to. 

Watch this week’s episode online. 

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