How much are the seven most expensive super yachts in the world worth?


The understanding of an exotic cruise might appeal to some, but if you’ve got serious amounts of moolah, maybe you’d consider splashing out on a super yacht.

Some of them obtain with their own helicopters along with luxury swimming lagoons and mini-submarines.

One of them even has its own missile defence system for security.

Here are the seven most priceless yachts in the world.

First up, in seventh place worth a ltry $200million (£139m) is The Instigating Sun yacht. She’s 453 ft long and was built in 2004.

In sixth place is the Lady Moura.

Some time ago upon a time she was the ninth largest yacht in the world but now she’s slipped down to bunch 28 on the list.

She’s 344ft long and worth $210m (£146m).

Next up is the Al Mirqab yacht, one of the largest motor yachts continually built.

It’s 436ft and was built for Qatar’s former Prime Minister. It’s advantage $250m (£173m).

The catchily-named Super yacht A is priced at $323m (£224m). It’s 300ft turned on and can cruise at speeds of 24mph.

In third place is the 524ft Dubai yacht disposition set you back $350m (£243m) so you’d better start saving if you fancy delightful her for a spin.

Things really ramp up when it comes to the Island Alleys of Monaco, the second most expensive, which is worth a whopping $1billion (£690m).

The arrangement for the yacht takes is inspiration from Monaco’s Grand Prix progress. Of course the yacht comes equipped with its own racing go-karts.

Some yachts are at ones fingertips for private charter, so you might find that you can experience the full grandeur experience for yourself, but on some occasions the yachts are listed as a tax loophole as rent yachts are exempt from property tax.

It’s the Eclipse yacht, the world’s most extravagant, that really steals the show.

There’s absolutely no other yacht identical to her. At 533ft she’s not the longest yacht in the world, but she is the most expensive at $1.2 billion (£800m).

She be affiliates to Russian businessman Roman Abramovich and alongside the 24 guest berths and two swimming pools, the yacht is heavily secured.

It has it’s own missile defence method, should the boat find itself under attack.

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