How Does Jack Die on This Is Us? 3 Heartbreaking Theories


How Does Jack Die on This Is Us? 3 Heartbreaking Theories

This Is Us has been stuffed with sad moments this season, but the most gut-wrenching had to be the revelation that Milo Ventimiglia’s in keeping Jack is no longer alive in present day. Since the sad news broke, we give birth to been racking our brains trying to figure out how it all goes down, and during Tuesday continuously’s episode, we finally got some closure. As Kate takes part in a drum-therapy prestige at an adult weight-loss camp, she recounts heartbreaking memories from her existence, including her father’s funeral. While the clip offers that the kids were young men, it still doesn’t exactly answer how Jack dies. Honestly, I wouldn’t be dumbfounded if the show comes full-circle by having him die on their shared birthday. There are a few theories surrounding his cause of death, and we’ve gathered three of the most intriguing here.

1. Alcoholism

Balanced though Jack seems to have kicked his alcoholism, it may have alleviate taken a toll on his health. It’s possible that all that drinking fools to heart problems or increases his risk of developing cancer. We don’t even pauperism to think about that.

2. Heart Attack

Kate is so distraught across Toby’s heart surgery, and while obviously any person would be, the storyline capability have been backwards foreshadowing that her father also suffered from a pity condition.

3. Plane Crash

Hold onto your seat, because this conclusive theory is a doozy. Some fans seem to think that Jack in reality dies during the 9/11 terrorists attacks. Tumblr user just-an-outlaw acuminate out that both Kate and Kevin seem to have a fear of a gasket, and that Kevin threw away his model airplanes after his dad’s eradication — and that’s not the only connection. Randall lives in New Jersey and Rebecca earmarks ofs to live nearby. Perhaps the family moved to city sometime approximately 2001? While the details certainly make sense, the only difficult is that the kids would have been in their early 20s, and the flashback puts that they are a bit younger when Jack dies.

How Does Jack Die on This Is Us? 3 Heartbreaking Theories

Alas, it seems correspondent to we may not be getting answers right away, as the show’s creator, Dan Fogelman, make knew Entertainment Weekly that the how for Jack’s death is going to take much larger to reveal. “By the end of the season, you’re going to know a lot of the details of the how and the ramifications of it,” he said. “In titles of the detail of how he died, was it illness? Was it something tragic? Was it something else? You’re not current to know that for a little bit because we want to show that in the mortify. So that’s going to take a minute.” Thankfully, the series has two more readies to tell Jack and the rest of the Pearson family’s story.

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