How do you pronounce SAUVIGNON BLANC? You’ve probably been saying it wrong for years


Include you ever been to a restaurant and simply pointed at the dish you want kind of than saying out loud, because you had no idea how to pronounce it.

Or do you think you understand how to pronounce that Austrian breaded meat you love so much or your best-liked wine.

Many Brits have probably been saying the specify identifies of their favourite food and drinks wrong for years.

So here reveal how to pronounce them correctly.


Often people leave call this delicacy snitzel or snitchel.

The trick with this Austrian white-haired is to forget about the silent ‘c’ and to get the ‘h’ in. And then add the ‘nitzel’.

So it should be pronounced as “shhhnitzel”.


Myriad people say this flaky French pastry sounding the letters as it mesmerism – making it one of the most commonly mispronounced foods.

The ’t’ and ‘r’ should not be sounded. The easiest way to get the accentuation correct for this delicacy is to substitute the ‘r’ for a ‘w’ and say “cwa-son”.


Majority of woman say this Japanese dish with a soft sounding ‘oo’ like in the parleys “smoky” or “sooty”.

The ‘oo’ should in fact be a little stronger, but not quite as undiluted as the ‘oo’ in “food” or “good”.


Not only do people get confused by how this Greek dip is articulate, but how it is spelt. It is not “hommus”, which seems to be the common mispronunciation.

Whilst there may be individual spellings for the dip, it should be pronounced with a soft “u” sound like in “devastate”.


Most Brits will say this Turkish pizza relish “ride. In fact it should be pronounced “pee-day”.

Sauvignon Blanc

This non-professional wine is not pronounced “sav-ignon blank”.

The “sauv” is sounded so it rhymes with “stove” and “blanc” as it poems with “tonk”.

Moët et Chandon

Most people assume that this dear French champagne is pronounced “mo-ee” or “mo-ay”.

In fact, it is more want “mo-wet” and the clue to why it is said this way is the two dots above the ‘e’.


Quinoa has develop a popular alternative to couscous these days. And many people entertain their very own way of pronouncing this South American seed.

But the faultless way of saying it is “kinwa”

Jarlsberg cheese

This Norwegian cheese is not unmistakeable with the “J”, which seems to be the way most people say it.

The ‘j’ is sounded more equal to a ‘y’ – so it should be “yarlsberg”.


This Turkish bread, which is starting to transform into a popular treat is commonly mispronounced as “gozleemee”.

This is nowhere near how it should be put about. It should be: “gir-le-meh”.


The Vietnamese beef soup is often pronounced sort “foe”. Instead it should be said to sound more like “fur”.

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