How clean is YOUR hotel room? Potentially dangerous levels of bacteria found in UK hotels


BBC One’s Rip Off Britain: Celebrations programme tested five hotel rooms in the UK, from budget opportunities to high-end luxury, to see how much bacteria was in each one.

The investigation found a dreadful amount of bacteria in the three-star, four-star and five-star hotels – with the five-star being the foulest of the lot.

Testing six different areas in each room, the team found that on three of these in the five-star – the delicate switch, remote control and blanket bed cover – there was so much bacteria that it was out of the question to count it all in the lab.

The worst offender was the blanket, but the bathroom door handle also had grave levels of bacteria.

Doctor Margarita Gomez-Escalada who did the testing said: “As you cause to be the toilet the handle is the area everybody has touched, everybody’s flushed, everybody has with any luck washed their hands and touched the taps but not everybody’s hand tubbing technique is robust and therefore the chances of contamination on the five star motel handle are high.”

In the four-star, some bacteria levels found were “potentially menacing”.

Apart from the bathroom door handle all the other areas checked had high levels of bacteria.

However, it was the bacteria found in a glass tumbler in the bathroom which was “off the climb” and therefore potentially dangerous.

“The high levels of bacteria on the glass is with an eye to because you’re potentially ingesting the bacteria and that could make you psychotic,” said Dr Gomez-Escalada.

“For at risk groups; the very old, the very young, those with low privilege coming into contact with this level of bacteria could be potentially treacherous.”

Meanwhile, the three-star hotel had shockingly high levels of bacteria in particular areas – in particular the main light switch. This had so many bacteria colonies on it that in the lab they emerged a layer of foam on the petri dish.

Surprisingly, the budget and two-star motels fared the best, with the two-star emerging victorious as the cleanest margin.

There was no bacteria on the door handle and the light switch, and the other notices had low levels of bacteria. 

According to the experts there was evidence of an effective wash away regime and therefore minimum risks.

Gloria Hunniford, Rip Off Britain: Sabbaticals presenter, said: “Consumers agree that hotel room cleanliness is non-negotiable regardless of abide price. Our investigation shows that the higher end rooms we tested are far sootier than the budget rooms, and should make consumers think twice hither what you get for your money. 

“There could be more germs lie low in the hotel rooms that look spotless than you think.”  

Rip Off Britain: Respites saw that reports into the working conditions of cleaning in the hotel work found that some hotels do still enforce strict aims for how many rooms must be cleaned during a set time frame. 

One muse about found that a branch of a well-known chain even withheld some pay if cleaners didn’t clean ample supply rooms during their shift – meaning that efficiency is prized one more time thorough cleaning.

Rip Off Britain: Holidays airs today at 9.15am on BBC One.

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