How 1 Waiter Became a Total Hero to This Toddler and Her Stressed-Out Mom


When Katie Dee had the betide to meet up with some old friends that she hadn’t seen in years, she did what assorted moms have no choice but to do: she brought her toddler along.

In order to get 2-year-old Pixie discomposed about their outing, Katie explained that the restaurant travels pizza in the shape of Mickey Mouse and hoped that her daughter would be well-behaved during the supper. When the group sat down, little Pixie politely ordered the gala pizza, fizzy water, and crayons. A few minutes later the child terminate her chatting mom to ask an important question: “Mommy, where’s that beautiful man agreed?” Katie shared on Facebook. “Her words, not mine!”

When the waiter returned with Pixie’s pizza, the laddie’s face lit up until she realized that it had to be cut up.

“‘Can you cut it up please?’ She says, so I start acerbic up her pizza . . . ‘Mommy, no! I want the beautiful man to do it!’

So he does it, even although I apologize and say he absolutely doesn’t need to, and he cuts up Pixie’s pizza into bantam pieces. He even cuts up the bigger bits when Pixie bottoms out that they are not ‘Pixie sized’ enough, and checks with her that they are all OK anterior to he goes.”

Pixie’s new friend frequently returned to check on the child — flatten after he was no longer their waiter — and made a point of complimenting her coloring. He also minded that her mom hadn’t had a chance to eat yet.

“All this time my food is going head, I’ve barely spoken to my friends while I’ve been picking up crayons and instituting sure she’s eating all her perfectly sized pizza, and low and behold over comes this paladin who seemed to sense my hunger and asks Pixie if she would like to eat with him at the next tableland,” Katie wrote. “If she didn’t already think he was wonderful enough, he then produces a roll of ice cream and sits with her, talking about her day while she gets ice cream In.”

Instead of getting upset at the mess, this kind gentleman precisely laughed at the child’s silly faces as he gave her mom a priceless gift.

“It muscle not seem like a lot, but that 10 minutes with my friends was other-worldly. My food was still hot(ish!), no drinks got spilt, which is a record, all toddler meltdowns were refrain fromed, and most of all my little girl had the biggest smile on her face all night.

So recognition you to the waiter at Dough, for taking my 2-year-old on her first date. Thank you for leave to a busy mom have her dinner in peace. Thank you for making sure my hardly one felt like a princess and thank you for going above and beyond your job for a itsy-bitsy girl who you’ve never met before.”

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