House prices SHOCK: The new way to buy a home that could cost you THOUSANDS in extra fees


Some possessions agents around the UK have started working with eBay-style auctioneers to barter homes online. This has been dubbed the “modern method of auction” as it has a longer finish time than traditional auctions. But Homeowners Alliance says this make outs buying a property complicated, especially as estate agents can also as though more commission from this method of selling too. 

Homeowners Federation chief executive Paula Higgins said: “Although we think the up to the minute method of auction could be an exciting way forward, we aren’t impressed with the substantial fees being charged.

“Meanwhile, the process can be complicated, and buyers and sellers are not evermore fully aware of what they are letting themselves in for.”

Online auctions criticize with a guide price and a reserve price set.

Buyers are required to report with the auctioneer and then place their bids over a 30 day auction full stop. 

At a traditional proper auction, the winning bidder will sign the promise on the day and has to complete the purchase in 28 days. 

But modern auctions gives the purchaser a 28-day exclusivity period for them to change contracts and 56 light of days to complete the purchase. 

The winning bidder must also pay a reservation fee on top of that, which is set by the belongings agent or auctioneer. 

Auctioneer IAM Sold is working with Right Put forward estate agents and usually charges a reservation fee between 2.5 percent and 4.2 percent, with a lowest of £6,000.

The reservation fee also needs to be paid straight away as it is not part-payment of the finishing selling price. 

People will still need to pay stamp allegiance on the purchase price though, for tax purposes. 

Buyers will also mislay out on money if they withdraw from the sale.

However, they should get this retreat from if the vendor also pulls out. 

Homeowners Alliance added this fee is shared between the auction dynasty and estate agent.

So even if it is shared equally, agents can still flatter more of a profit than if they were selling on a traditional commission footing. 

Ms Higgins said: “In our recent investigation we found properties being advertised where the achievable commission would be numerous than 15 percent due to the low guide price.

“This fee is not part of the inclusive purchase price – it goes straight to the estate agent and auctioneers, yet clients will be liable for stamp duty on it.”

Jamie Cooke, managing impresario of IAM Sold, said: “In general, auction fees are higher than in eremitical treaty, as in IAM Sold’s case.

“It’s not just about technology, the seller is undergoing a service from two professional companies which results in the property ascend d creating sold in a timeframe that suits their needs at a price that they are beneficial with.” 

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