House price growth continues to slow in UK


Advance in UK house prices has continued to slow, but the cost of the average home even then increased by 4.7% in the year to May 2017.

Figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) betray a drop from the 5.3% rise in the year to April.

The average UK sporting house price stood at £221,000 in May, up £10,000 from the same month in the end year.

The main contribution to the rise in house prices came from England, where cost outs jumped by 5%.

The average price of a house in England is now £238,000, the ONS said, while a holdings in Wales costs £150,000 after a 3.8% increase in prices as a remainder the past 12 months.

House prices in Scotland rose 3.5% to £143,000, while the ordinary price of a Northern Ireland home stands at £124,000 after a 4.3% grow for the year to May.

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Within England, the smallest expense rise in the year to May was seen in the North East, up 1.6%, while London had the later lowest price rise of 3%.

The highest price rise was 7.5% in the East, straight ahead of the East Midlands where property values went up by 7.2%.

Richard Snook, elder economist at business services company PwC, said: «The figures are in line with our expectations that enlargement in 2017 will be around half that of 2016.

«Our main scenario foretastes a softening of the market over the year with house price inflation decrease from 7% in 2016 to 3.7% in 2017.

«We expect London to be one of the UK’s worst behaving regions, achieving price growth of just 2.8% in 2017.

«The key drivers of this slowdown are uncertainty kindred to Brexit and a softening in the economic outlook.»

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