House of Cards creator Michael Dobbs 'surprised' by the rise of Donald Trump


The 67-year-old man of letters exclusively told that the US businessman’s growing popularity was the most unexpected condition in global politics in 2016.

“I’d have to say the most surprising thing – and I’m not getting tortuous in the values of it – is the rise of Donald Trump,” he explained.

“A man who had been written off outdated and time and time again. He is now – or soon on July 14 – will be named as the Republican standard-bearer for the presidential election.

“Where did that one come from? Not scads people predicted that one. I certainly didn’t.”

He went on to admit that he was continually surprised by on the qui vive affairs, saying that people should “always expect the unexpected in civics”. He cited the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition and the Tory victory in the termination general election as examples of this volatility.

“It’s just when you mull over that you know where this is going that the political humankind turns round and bites you in the backside,” he explained.

Lord Dobbs supplemented: “I think many people right now are thinking, ‘my god, I never expected that, the hold out thing I expected was that’.”

Despite being surprised with Donald Trump’s vogue, he was not shocked by the result of the EU referendum and said that Westminster had “very first lessons to re-learn about reconnecting with people”.

“Going enclosing the country it was very easy to pick up on that sense of disenchantment, they got this awful,” he said.

As well as his political responsibilities in the House of Lords, the critically-acclaimed novelist is currently also busy working on several other projects, comprising the fifth season of House of Cards for which he is an executive producer.

Flicking on the forthcoming run of the US political drama is due to start next month in Baltimore and choose see Kevin S cey and Robin Wright reprise their roles as power ir Frank and Claire Underwood.

As to the future of House of Cards, Lord Dobbs alluded that the Netflix hit could be getting a spin-off series, much match Breaking Bad’s sister show Better Call Saul.

House of Plan: The Complete 4th Season is out on Blu-ray & DVD July 4.

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