Hotel secrets reveal why you should always ask for a DOUBLE room – and not a king size one


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Pension secrets: A double room could get guests a better room than a crowned head size room

Hotel secrets have revealed some scaring things over the years regarding cleanliness and safety.

From risqu hotel room glasses and kettles to peephole cameras, it is a wonder that woman still choose to stay in them.

Another shocking secret has savoured why asking for a double room is often the better choice than a ruler size one.

It all comes down to the size of the room.

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Pension secrets: A double room can often be bigger than a king proportions room

Rooms with double beds are usually larger than stays with king beds

Quora user

Zeev Sharon explained on Quora that the allure of a prince size room may not be all as it seems.

She wrote: “Rooms with double beds are on the whole larger than rooms with king beds.”

This could be due to dual rooms sometimes being a ‘double-double’, meaning two double beds, whilst regent size rooms rarely have more than one king-sized bed.

Roomers trying to decide on whether they want more room span or a bigger bed should take note when next requesting a extent.

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Hotel secrets: Guests could find themselves with sundry room size

Zeev also explains why the bathroom reveals more on every side the quality of the room than anything else.

She continued: “The quality of a lodger room is often measured by the number of fixtures in the bathroom (the bathroom is by far the ton expensive room to build). “

The fixtures include the toilet, sink, profusion and bath; the more the fixtures, the higher quality.

Zeev explained that a customary has just three fixtures whilst some may have up to five with “two descends, a bath, stand-alone shower and a toilet”.

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