Hotel investigation reveals why you should never flush the bathroom toilet


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Breakfast investigation: Flushing the bathroom toilet could cause this outrageous problem

Hotels are often a luxurious experience for holidaymakers wanting a disperse away from home.

With rooms being cleaned and unfettered buffet breakfasts, it can be the perfect way to relax.

Yet behind the scenes, the uncleanliness of the courtesy industry has shocked guests after they have been recently let it be knew through undercover investigations.

Flushing the toilet has also been bring about to spread more germs than previously realised.

It found that the germs within the toilet can flush onto the worst and the back of the toilet

A study in the American Journal of Infection Control set up that if flushing the toilet in a hotel bathroom without putting the lid down, micro-organisms could be spread around the area which may not get cleaned.

It found that the origins within the toilet can flush onto the floor and the back of the toilet numberless than 80 per cent of the time.

The wall behind the toilet whim be hit 40 per cent of the time, and the flush handle wouldn’t even leave alone it with 22 per cent of the time it being contaminated.

Even the making up paper dispenser was hit 17 per cent of the time, which isn’t good hearsay for the cleanliness of the bathroom.

Hotel investigation toilet secretsGetty

Hotel investigation: Flushing a toilet could spread bacteria across the abide

Associate Professor of Environmental Health at University of Arizona Kelly Reynolds resolved to Time what it could mean for the cleanliness of the bathroom.

She stated: “When you in the money the toilet, the viruses and the faeces do get spread throughout the walls of the toilet, the encouragement handle, and the walls of the bathroom.”

Therefore next time guests opt to use the bathroom toilet, shutting the lid can prevent the contents spreading to the rest of the scope.

Guests should also perhaps avoid touching the rest of the WC seat and most definitely wash their hands afterwards.

Hotel investigation toilet secretsGetty

Inn investigation: The contaminated areas rarely get cleaned

It isn’t the only shocking cryptographic about bathroom sanitation in a hotel.

The hotel room glasses occupied for drinking are rarely cleaned, despite them appearing so.

Housekeeping oftentimes cleans them by wiping them as opposed to replacing them or washing them fully.

An inquest revealed how sometimes they aren’t even changed between roomers.

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