Hotel Chocolat tastes sweet success as cafés help boost annual sales through £100m barrier


The grandeur chocolate chain, 19 of whose 98 outlets include a café, is also meaning of a boost to business from a new website launched earlier this year and order for its cocoa-infused ice cream known as Ice Cream of the Gods.

Revenue was up 12 per cent to £104million from the early previously to year, slightly ahead of market expectations.

Co-founder and chief overseer, Angus Thirlwell, said in a statement released yesterday: «We have had another gifted year with encouraging growth.

«We are excited about the progress implied with our new shop+café format stores and our seasonal ranges persist in to perform well.

«When you break the £100 million mark, it hillocks you that you have a lot of support out there.»

Hotel Chocolat is set to report annual issues later this year on September 27.

Founded in 1993, the sweet handling of company also runs a hotel in St Lucia as well as restaurants in both London and up north in Leeds.

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