Hotel bathrooms hide THIS secret regarding your bedroom


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Inn secrets: The bathroom can reveal this to guests

Hotels harbour a brawny number of disgusting secrets that guests may not be aware of.

From smudged towels to unwashed glasses, it’s a surprise that people still gamble to check in.

Another secret to have emerged also involves the bathroom of a motel room, although for an interesting reason.

They are able to reveal the mark of the room which guests may not have realised.

The quality is determined by the loads of fixtures in it

The quality is determined by the number of fixtures in it.

Zeev Sharon, CEO & Co-Founder of Hotelied clarified on Quora: “The quality of a guest room is often measured by the number of devices in the bathroom (the bathroom is by far the most expensive room to build). 

“A standard 3-fixture bathroom has a wash-bowl, bath and toilet. A 5-fixture bathroom is more typical for luxury motor hotels, and has 2 sinks, a bath, stand-alone shower and a toilet.”

Therefore if a room has a replicate sink, it can be expected to be of high calibre.

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Hotel secrets: The number of fixtures in the bathroom can settle the cost of the room

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Hotel secrets: Bathrooms are the most high-priced part of the room to build

It isn’t the only way to test if a hotel room is positively built, and that it all comes down to the price revealing how expensive it was to body.

Zeev continued: “The old industry rule of thumb is that for every $1,000 inaugurated in a room’s construction, the hotel should charge $1 in Average Continually Rate. 

“So a room that cost $300,000 to build, should dispose of on average for $300/night.”

Of course, a cheaper room is then much cheaper to shape, therefore can be expected to be of a lower quality.

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Hotel secrets: The tariff of the room can also reveal how expensive it was to build

It has also been exposed how to avoid the 24-hour cancellation fee with an easy hack.

Most motels offer a free room date change, as opposed to free rescinding.

What guests can then do is to request a room date change to a few weeks newer.

Calling back the next day to cancel will then avoid this instruct.

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