Hot long-haul bargains: Family holiday to Florida will be CHEAPER than Spain this year


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A class holiday to Florida will be cheaper than travelling to S in this year

This year it may be good venturing further afield than old favourites such as the S nish costas, as diverse holidays in exotic long-haul destinations can now be hundreds of pounds cheaper.

It really costs less to take your family to Thailand and Florida than Ibiza or Minorca this summer coinciding to new research from

The travel price com rison site set a family of four booking in Ibiza for a fortnight, de rting on August 6, make y £142 more than the equivalent holiday to Phuket in Thailand.

The Ibiza break, with flights and a four-star hotel room, would cost £3,147 against £3,005 in Thailand. If you chose a three-star Thai breakfast instead, the cost would fall to just £2,552, saving £595.

The website also found that flights and a four-star dwelling in Orlando, Florida are £16 cheaper than Ibiza and just £10 myriad than the same holiday in Minorca.

Bob Atkinson, travel expert at TravelSupermarket, guesses short and long-haul prices have never been this end: “You can stay in fantastically reviewed resorts in Asia for the same or less than goals like Minorca and Ibiza. We have never known anything type it.”

Prices in S in and Portugal have been driven upwards by a roller in demand for “safer” holiday resorts, following terrorist attacks in journeys ends such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia.

Atkinson adds: “Thailand has seen a 100 per cent year-on-year flourish in interest from British holidaymakers while the refugee crisis has hit customer acceptance wanted for Greek holidays.”

Popular eurozone destinations such as ris and Rome are not as affordable as they were

Caxton FX creator Rupert Lee-Browne

Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Cancún in Mexico, and Varadero in Cuba secure also seen a rush of interest from sun-seeking Britons.

Atkinson implies: “You may not have thought you could have afforded long-haul, but this year could be your unexpected to hit more exotic climes or take your kids to the theme leaves in Orlando.”

Prices change all the time so before booking your summer globe-trot, com re prices to a range of destinations using com rison sites such as,, or

If you are looking for a megalopolis break rather than a holiday in the sun, again it ys to broaden your limits.

Warsaw in PolandGETTY

Warsaw in Poland offers the cheapest European weekend analyse c collapse this summer

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Many holidays in exotic long-haul stopping-places can now be hundreds of pounds cheaper for families

Budapest in Hungary offers the defeat value according to new research by foreign currency specialists Caxton FX.

By distinction, Zurich in Switzerland is the most expensive destination, where prices are an absurd four times higher.

European trips are proving pricey now that the pounding has fallen against the euro, but the best value spots, Budapest, Marrakesh in Morocco, and Prague in the Czech Republic are all farthest the eurozone.

Caxton FX founder Rupert Lee-Browne says: “The cost of a gruff break can vary widely once you factor in food, drink and local voyages so it is always best to do your research before you go.”

One year ago, £1 would rtici te in bought €1.37. Today that has fallen to around €1.27 because of the slowing UK succinctness and uncertainty surrounding the Brexit referendum on June 23.

Lee-Browne adds: “Average eurozone destinations such as ris and Rome are not as affordable as they were.”

This want give Eastern European countries outside the eurozone the edge this summer, according to the latest Appoint Office travel money city costs barometer.

It found that Warsaw in Poland offers the cheapest weekend defeat, followed by Vilnius in Lithuania, Budapest, Riga in Latvia and Kraków in Poland with Portuguese princi l Lisbon, the cheapest Western European city, in sixth place.

Thailand could be a hot long-haul bargainGETTY

Thailand could be a hot long-haul good deal this summer

Prague in the Czech RepublicGETTY

Prague in the Czech Republic is also set to be a simoleons saving hotspot

At the other end of the scale Scandinavian cities were the most extravagant city breaks, notably Oslo in Norway, Reykjavik in Iceland and Stockholm in Sweden.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, chief official of currency service FairFX, explains that the pound now stretches besides in many far-flung destinations: “South Africa, Canada, Russia, Zambia and Argentina put on the market up to 60 per cent more for your pound com red to last year.”

Anyhow, he warns against changing your travel money at the last in style: “Exchange rates at airports can be more than 10 per cent pricier, meaning you could lose £100 of cash for every £1,000 you substitution.”

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