Hot flushes: Common symptom of menopause 'could be a warning sign of heart disease'


One of the most general symptoms of menopause, the study suggests flushes could signal emerging feelings problems which can lead to disease in women between 40 and 53.

The conclusions, published in the journal Menopause, examined 272 non-smoking women between 40 and 60 to assess their blood bark function.

Researchers say it is the first study to test the relationship between physiologically assessed hot flushes and endothelial chamber — the inner lining of the blood vessels — function. 

The effect of flushes on the adeptness of blood vessels to dilate was documented only in the youngest third of popsies in the sample.

There was no association in women aged 54 to 60, proposing early flushes may be most relevant to heart disease risk. The intimacies were independent of other heart disease risk factors.

Cardiovascular disorder is the leading cause of death in women, and the results from the study, “Physiologically assessed hot twinkling of an eyes and endothelial function among midlife women,” may help GPs assess spunk disease risk.

Hot flushes are reported by 70 per cent of women, with take one-third of them describing them as frequent or severe. 

New figures also states that hot flushes often start earlier than previously pondering -possibly during the late reproductive years — and persist for a decade or multifarious.

Dr JoAnn Pinkerton, executive director of the North American Menopause Lite, said: “Hot flushes are not just a nuisance.

“They have been joined to cardiovascular, bone, and brain health.

“In this study, physiologically solemn hot flushes appear linked to cardiovascular changes occurring early during the menopause change.”

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