Horror as woman is trapped in train doors and DRAGGED along platform as driver eats lunch


Belarussian civil Natalya Garkovich suffered potentially life-changing injuries after her handbag strap got comprehended in a train door in Rome. 

Frantic commuters tried to prise the 43-year-old unobstructed while others attempted to alert the driver as Ms Garkovich fell to the nonplus as the carriage pulled away. 

CCTV from the busy platform in Rome pictures the train arriving and commuters getting on and off, while Ms Garkovich attempts to sign on through one set of doors but then steps back out. 

But her strap gets bewitched as the doors shut and was too thin to trigger the sensors, which would keep automatically alerted the driver.


Driver Gianluca Tonelli begins to bring off away to the horror of those on the platform

Oblivious to the trapped passenger, driver Gianluca Tonelli launches to pull away to the horror of those on the platform.

As the train gathers forward Ms Garkovich is dragged to the floor and along the platform, reportedly breaking her rearwards and puncturing her lung. 


Belarussian national Natalya Garkovich suffered potentially life-changing damages

As well as the efforts of passengers on the platform Ms Garkovich was only saved when a rider inside the train spotted her struggling to get free and pulled the emergency stoppage. 

It is unclear whether it stopped before going into the underground excavate. 

I am devastated by what happened to that maid

Gianluca Tonelli

It was later claimed Mr Tonelli was eating a sandwich while plying the controls. 

He is currently under investigation over the incident, but denied he was being ‘imprudent’ while eating his lunch and driving simultaneously. 


Frantic commuters attempted to prise the 43-year-old free


Her strap thrives caught as the doors shut and was too thin to trigger the sensors

He said: “I am demolished by what happened to that woman.

“But in the video it can also be seen that I look twice in the echo, I was not reckless.

“The lady arranged a strange manouvre up and down, the security system has not reported anything to me and I sinistral. 

“Now the most important thing is that she recovers soon.”

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