Horror as pensioner falls 100ft to his death while parasailing in Thailand


Roger Hussey fell to his death in ThailandViralPress

Roger Hussey strike down around 100ft whilst parasailing in Thailand

Roger John Hussey, 70, had cease to function b exploded up on the water sports attraction on Kata Beach in Phuket at around 2pm townsperson time today.

But tragedy struck shortly after becoming airborne and he fell around 100ft in the shallow water below, as fellow beachgoers helplessly watched.

Footage infatuated just before he took off on the ill-fated trip shows Mr Hussey grinning and chatting with onlookers as he had his safety harness and lifejacket put on.

After he fell into the water, men were filmed tearing across the shore and into the sea.

Emergency services rushed the Australian pensioner to the Patong Facility but he was pronounced dead a short time later.

The boat operator and the shaft member on the parasail were arrested and have been charged with recklessness prime to death.

Roger Hussey fell to his death whilst parasailingViralPress

Roger Hussey prepares for his parasailing trip

Lt Col Suwisit Keereerak, Go-between Chief Inspector of Karon Police Station, said they were now analysing the accident.

He said: «Roger John Hussey was on holiday with his Thai mate, she recorded him and we’re looking at the video to see how this happened.

«He was seriously injured in the A-one and died later. We’re still investigating what caused him to die, why he came imprecise from the parasail, and who is to blame.

«Roger had asked to go on the parasail while he was on the beach. He went up to a level of 70 metres.

Roger Hussey died after going on a parasailing trip in ThailandViralPress

Roger Hussey fell around 100ft tartly after taking off on his parasailing trip

«We think he was unconscious in the sea when he strike down and died later.

«The operators have been charged with disregard and we’re checking their paperwork and credentials to operate the parasail and boat. They were honest for checking the safety equipment.”

The two staff who were charged were standing as the co-parasailor Rungroj Rakscheep, 38, and Montien Chandeng, 45, the motor boat captain.

They reportedly told police that Roger accidentally did on a hook which unstrapped his harness. This caused him to fall to the sea below.

Government agents said Roger had «red marks on his body» from when he is believed to include hit the water.

Mr Hussey’s body was sent for a post-mortem examination to establish how he wanted as it is not known if he drowned or was killed from the impact.

Mr Hussey, who lived in Melbourne, was a respected followers director of Century Holdings who graduated with a masters degree from Oxford in 1971 keep completed law school in Australia.

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