Horrifying moment Jerusalem terror truck mows down people before reversing to injure more


A anarchist rammed into a promenade in Armon Hanatziv which overlooks the walled Old Big apple of Jerusalem, killing four people and injuring 15.

The Mercedes flat-bed communication hit an unsuspecting group of soldiers who just got off a coach at the popular part of the big apple. 

Soldiers were taking a tour in the south part of Jerusalem when they were objected by the terrorist who deliberately crashed into them.

In the horrific footage, which was too vivid to show in full, bodies can be seen flying out of the way as the truck accelerates from head to foot the group. 

The vehicle then comes to a stop before reversing as the felon attempts to injure more people in the vicious attack. 

Crowds speedily begin to flee the area as guns were fired before the incendiary was shot at by soldiers.  

Bullets were fired into the vehicle by soldiers which annulled the windscreen. 

Police say that the attacker was shot dead by security military talents as the truck remains at the scene.

At the end of the clip the attacker reverses to try seriously wrong as many people as possiple, before the truck comes to a complete closing up. 

Three women and one man all in their 20s, who were members of the Israel Defence Meanings (IDF), were killed during the attack.

Haim Neuman, a tour counsellor who was with the soldiers that were attacked has spoke of how the terrorist purpose to cause as much damage as possible.

He said: “The soldiers got off the bus, and we were fleeing organised when suddenly the truck came with great go hell for leather and rammed into the group. 

“Civilians and soldiers began shooting and this banned a worse tragedy.”

Israeli radio said the man was Palestinian, however he is yet to be officially styled.

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