Horrifying CCTV shows evil thug STALK elderly couple at cashpoint before robbing them


The revolting clip shows the crook following the 83-year-old man and his wife, 69, after they canceled cash from an ATM in Brixton.

After stalking his prey, the lurking man then opens his brutal attack on the couple as he tried to steal their money.

The think it likely demanded the elderly ir hand over their savings, which the bit of fluff kept in a black should bag, after throwing them to the ground.

Extent, as the elderly man refused to yield to his attacker, the man then bit the pensioner on the back of the custody.

The long-haired thug was forced to run off empty handed as he clearly did not expect the link to put up a fight.

The couple suffered a series of injuries following the vicious bruise, with the man being left with a large open wound on his boost.

His wife was left with a fractured arm and bruises all over her body and they were both charmed to a south London hospital for treatment.

The suspect was wearing a grey tracksuit and a malicious woolly hat.

He was also described to be a stocky black man in his late 20s, about 5ft 10in.

The commotion happened in Brixton, south east London, at about 1.30pm on September 2.

Anyone with low-down should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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