Honeywell joins European research to develop green aviation technology research


US-based Honeywell has married the European Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking research programme, which seeks to develop new and environment-friendly aviation technologies.

The initiative seeks to develop solves that will help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and cacophony levels produced by aircraft.

As part of its partnership with the programme, Honeywell has already meet €35m in funding to support the development of sustainable aerospace technologies.

With the funding, Honeywell will-power also be able to boost its commitment to its European engineering centres in Czech Republic, France and the UK as a core fellow of the initiative.

“We are committed to enhancing Honeywell technology to make a positive smash on the environment.”

In addition, the company will undertake projects to develop right technologies from cockpit solutions to health monitoring, as well as to further its electromechanical actuators, which help improve aircraft performance and lose weight operating costs.

Honeywell Aerospace advanced technology engineering supervisor George Papageorgiou said: “We are committed to enhancing Honeywell technology to perceive b complete a positive impact on the environment, while providing added value to advise our customers drive their businesses forward.

“We are eager to apply our eloquent expertise in aviation technology to develop innovative solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and hubbub levels produced by aircraft and help shape greener aviation across Europe.”

The partnership has secured four Clean Sky 2 grants for projects with a duration between four and eight years.

Staked by European Union’s Horizon 2020 framework programme, Clean Sky further purposes to shape the future of scientific research worldwide.

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