Honeywell Avionics upgrades repair capabilities in China


Honeywell Avionics’ Shanghai-based partition has enhanced its product repair capabilities in order to provide improved mendings to customers using various Honeywell products in China and the Asia-Pacific zone.

With the upgrade, the company will be able to provide faster turnaround times on patches, improved customer communication, and effective technical support for its products.

Fellows using Honeywell’s traffic alert and collision avoidance system and IntuVue 3D climate ailing radar will also benefit from the latest upgrade.

“There are big chances in the region’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market.»

In addition, Chinese people will no longer have to transfer aircraft to Honeywell sites in the US or Singapore for mends.

With the newly improved services, operators can also reduce upkeep time and cost.

Turnaround times on repairs will be reduced by an commonplace of more than 60% and Honeywell’s China-based service centre on be able to provide integrated regional services.

The centre currently sells comprehensive services to customers, allowing them to reduce the safety genealogies of backup facilities.

Honeywell’s latest product repair upgrade also puts its aftermarket services in China.

Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific Airlines vice-president Brian Davis believed: “There are big opportunities in the region’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) market.

“According to ICF Cosmopolitan’s MRO Forecast and Market Trend, the Asia Pacific MRO market is expected to just about double to approximately $32.2bn by 2025, at 6% per annum.

“In the Asia-Pacific area, Honeywell has seven aftermarket service sites.”

Honeywell’s traffic on the qui vive and collision avoidance system (TCAS) TPA100D and RDR4000 IntuVue 3D weather radar are currently fitted on several Boeing and Airbus fleets operating across the Asia Pacific sector.

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