Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik enhance MRO services in Asia Pacific


Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik possess reached an agreement to enhance their collaboration on maintenance, repair and refurbishing (MRO) services for Airbus A350 operators in the Asia Pacific region.

The settlement builds on the existing partnership between Honeywell and Lufthansa Technik to state look after MRO services for A350 aircraft, which entered service in 2014.

According to the new allot, Lufthansa Technik has been authorised to serve as a licensed component put back in centre and exclusive global asset service provider in the Asia Pacific, containing more than 200 Honeywell shipped components onboard the A350.

The broadened collaboration will ensure greater accessibility to services, parts and manoeuvring support to regional A350 operators.

“We see our work with Honeywell as an opening to help A350 operators in the Asia Pacific simplify their stipend experience.”

This will in turn help reduce aircraft downtime and support faster turnarounds, contributing to improved fleet availability and readiness.

Lufthansa Technik Asia Pacific Corporate Sales events senior vice-president Gerald Steinhoff said: “Maintenance is a costly and complex course of action, but we see our work with Honeywell as an opportunity to help A350 operators in the Asia Pacific streamline their maintenance experience.

“Honeywell provides top-of-line technologies that are critical to the A350. By integrating our world-class asset management and in-region repair clusters, we can provide operators in the Asia Pacific with better access to buttress all of Honeywell’s key components on the A350. Over the next one and a half years, we wish significantly expand our local capacities in this area.”

As a result of the new compatibility, A350 operators in the Asia Pacific will be able to receive quicker access to Lufthansa Technik’s in-house professional cares.

These services include single-component MRO or more integrated flight-hour stationed ‘nose-to-tail’ asset availability solutions.

Other key benefits to be made within reach to operators through the strengthened partnership include increased quantities of A350 components for barter or rental, a holistic approach to MRO needs, and integrated engineering and customer back up teams.

Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific Commercial Aviation chief director Sathesh Ramiah said: “By increasing the number of serviceable components and servicing our Connected Aircraft technologies, we are confident that customers will partake of hands-on access to support all their Honeywell-related maintenance needs.”

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