Homeless man found dead ‘on doorstep’ of Parliament


A man has been develop dead in a Tube station underpass that leads to the Houses of Parliament.

The man was unsettled and often seen at the entrance to Westminster underground station, politicians reported.

MPs have called on the government to make a commitment to end rough sleeping after the “foul tragedy”.

The Metropolitan Police said it was treating the death of the man, who was confirmed late at the scene, as unexplained, but not suspicious.

The man was discovered not breathing, next to the underpass in take a run-out powder three of the station, on Wednesday morning.

The Ambulance Service said they ventured to resuscitate him but he died at about 07:33 GMT.

‘Moral challenge’

Mr Corbyn’s unite are thought to have been in contact with the man, often bringing him chow.

Mr Corbyn wrote on Twitter: “The powerful can’t carry on walking by on the other side while people don’t give birth to a home to call their own.

“It’s time all MPs took up this moral challenge and decorously housed everyone.”

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner also tinkled for change.

She said: “Whatever the circumstances it’s a terrible tragedy that dignitary ends their days like this, the govt must do numberless to combat homelessness.”

Labour MP Neil Coyle added: “When a unsettled man dies on the Government’s doorstep, ministers must stop ignoring the maladjusted and commit to end rough sleeping.”

A spokesman said the House of Commons was “dejected” by the death and offered condolences to the man’s family and friends.

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