HOME FOR A HERO: Petition to get SAS veteran Bob Curry housed reaches 200,000 signatures


The 64-year-old old hand is living in a B&B in Hereford because his local council has failed to provide stable housing for him.

Mr Curry charged into the Iranian embassy in London to guard 19 hostages and kill five heavily armed terrorists in the shut in 38 years ago.

He became a British hero as the footage of the incident was watched by millions worldwide.

Mr Curry, who joined the SAS in 1979, also worked as a close defence officer for Princess Diana during his remarkable career.

But he fell on unvarnished times last year when a business failed and he split up from his sidekick of 25 years.

He has also had two heart attacks, is registered as disabled and is diabetic.


SAS practised Bob Curry, 64, is living in a B&B in Hereford

It shows there are so many honourable people out there

Bob Curry

Mr Curry was last night overwhelmed at the copy of Britons who have signed a petition to find him a new home.

The SAS hero released the Sun: “I’m humbled by it all. It shows there are so many good people out there.”

Exertion thriller author and ex-SAS soldier Andy McNabb is behind the Metamorphose.org petition to Herefordshire Council.

Mr McNabb said: “After his small area failed, this proud veteran lost his home and his way.

“He is not getting the inform appropriate he needs from the authorities.

“Instead he is reliant on handouts from the SAS Regimental Affiliation, who are paying for him to live in a B&B.”

A spokesman for Herefordshire Council said: “We can confirm that we are actively contriving with this individual to secure accommodation within the county.

“The caucus’s housing team has found and offered two different forms of accommodation in compasses which were agreeable to the individual, but which have subsequently been rolled down.

“We are continuing to work with the individual to help secure annex housing.”

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