Holly Willoughby makes BOOZY confession after teasing BARE BOTTOM in very saucy video


Holly Willoughby, 36, was determined pulling a shower curtain down with her bare bum cheeks during one uncommonly saucy game and the antics certainly didn’t end there, with her then being pumped about how many empty bottles had been found in her bin.

As part of the Buzzer disc-shaped, Keith asked: “How many vodka miniatures were found in Holly Willoughby’s bin?” as Fearne Cotton, 36, answered: “It’s a Thursday, I reckon 12.”

Still, a defiant Holly insisted: “Zero because I don’t drink miniatures, I liquid litres,” which went down a storm with the audience and her guy panellists.

Holly WilloughbyITV

Holly Willoughby made a boozy confession during tonight’s Buzzer spate on Celebrity Juice

Holly WilloughbyITV

The team were asked to guess ‘how many wees were in Holly’s bin’

Zero because I don’t drink miniatures, I drink litres

Holly Willoughby

The staple comes as the video showing ITV

Tonight’s show also sees Holly rip a lavish curtain down with her bare bum cheeks

Speaking to The Mirror Online, Keith, also known as Leigh Francis, divulged: “We have a new game where you have to rip a shower curtain out of a shower avail oneself ofing only your bum cheeks and Holly was extremely good at it.

“But she cheated, because she communicated she was going for a wee, but she didn’t.”

Celebrity Juice airs tonight at 10pm on ITV2. 

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