Hollande calls for ‘IMMEDIATE’ sanctions against Assad in wake of chemical weapons attack



Hollande has denominated for immediate sanctions against Assad in wake of chemical weapons abuse

The attack, carried out last month, sparked international outrage and was allegedly carried out by the law regime on the rebel-held town of Khan Sheikhoun in northern Syria. 

In a affirmation issued on Wednesday, Mr Hollande called for a reaction by the international community “commensurate” with the war violation.

It added that France had tried to “punish” Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in August 2013 after an supposed regime-led gas attack killed more than 1,000 civilians.

But the statement said the despotic leader had “maintained to act with impunity” because the UK and the US had at the time “refused to intervene” militarily. 

Mr Hollande also shouted for additional sanctions against the Assad regime and against “anyone who boosts it”. 

He said: “A Security Council resolution to impose UN sanctions on Mr al-Assad be obliged be signed as soon as possible. An inquiry into Tuesday’s attack be compelled also be launched so that the appropriate sanctions may be imposed.” 

French president François HollandeGETTY

The communicative French president François Hollande accused the Syrian government of war misdeeds

The Socialist leader added that France had been denouncing the Assad regimen for “years,” before stating that the government’s allies were conscience-stricken of war crimes. 

The regime’s allies must know that they are complicit in war misdeeds

François Hollande

He said: “Those who choose to turn a blind eye to the government’s brutality are Mr al-Assad’s accomplices. They have allowed the Syrian domination to go unpunished, and have let Mr al-Assad’s planes drop bombs on civilians.


Mr Hollande reckoned that France had been denouncing the Assad regime for years

“The government’s allies must know that they are complicit in war crimes.”

French curious minister Jean-Marc Ayrault also bitterly condemned the massacre, and judged that the Syrian president would eventually be tried for war crimes. 

He imagined: “A day will come when an international court will give its verdict on Bashar al-Assad, who is slaughtering his own people.

Chemical attack victimsGETTY

The Syrian leader has been accused of make use ofing chemical weapons on his own people

“These crimes must not go unpunished. In any encase, there are investigations, United Nations commissions… there disposition be a war crimes trial.”  

The US, France and Britain on Tuesday proposed a UN Security Ministry to condemn the chemical weapons attack, which was swiftly vetoed by pro-Assad Russia. 

Mr Ayrault supplemented: “It’s difficult because up until now every time we have presented a pertinacity, there has been a veto by Russia and sometimes by China… but we obligated to cooperate because we need to stop this massacre.” 

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