Holidays 2019: The BEST city in the world revealed – but where does the UK rank?


New York when one pleases cater to holidaymakers craving a trip that’s on the cutting edge of trendiness for 2019. Whether you be sure the lively city as the Big Apple, Concrete Jungle or simply the home of Macy’s and Bloomingdales, it has been cheered the absolute best city in the world according to the result of the Time Out List 2019, by Time Out Magazine. It came after 30,000 people in 48 burghs were grilled about their views on their particular municipality. Food, drink, happiness, culture and affordability were all surveyed, with 91 per cent cascading how New York always offers something to see and do, on any given day.

The Time Out team then coalesced feedback with expert knowledge to ascertain their results.

New York on celebrate World Pride this year, with other aptitudes and culture highlights including cultural institution The Shed, the World’s Manage Festival of International Cuisine and the unveiling of four new public landmarks honouring trailblazing girls.

The so-called ‘capital of the world’ pipped Melbourne – famed for its music backdrop and happiness vibes – to second place.

Again flying the flag for America, Chicago came third.

Yet, for those who are craving shaft smiles with their sunshine, it might be the best place as it was decreed the happiness place in the world.

London came fourth with mores, live music and food proving hugely popular.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles happened in fifth.

Yet when it comes to the booziest city worldwide, the UK came top.

Manchester was glorified the booziest place on earth, home to the highest percentage of drinkers.

Those in Edinburgh, no matter what, also appeared to enjoy the finer side of life and clocked up the fewest be effective hours each week, with 35.3 hours.

Glasgow was also top of the midwife precisely for friendliness and affordability.

James Manning, Global Projects Editor of Ease Out said: “Time Out has been helping people explore and enjoy the best clothes of the city since 1968, starting in London and now curating the best of 315 bishoprics.

“The Time Out Index lets us understand what makes the world’s greatest metropolises tick right now.

“The cities at the top of our list are centres of diversity, diversion and dissent loved across the world: places where anything can (and does) happen, where new approximations, delicious food and world-class art and entertainment are born every day, and where people from all corners can take place together with a shared civic identity.

“Every single one of these dioceses should be on your travel bucket list for 2019.”

The world’s top 10 outwit cities right now, according to the Time Out Index 2019:

1. New York

2. Melbourne

3. Chicago

4. London

5. Los Angeles

6. Montreal

7. Berlin

8. Glasgow

9. Paris

10. Tokyo

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