HOLIDAY WARNING: Beware of the mistake that could cost YOU £212 this summer


Uncountable than one in ten travellers leave it to the last minute to exchange cash at the airport or rely on their visiting-cards, found

And the error costs up to £10 for every £100 on typical, according to the com rison site.

On a typical family of four holiday this warm ups out to £212 lost.

Instead, savvy jet-setters can take a few simple ths to get the most currency for their cash to maximise spending power overseas.

The best rates on holiday money are usually found online for pick up in keep at least a day in advance.

High street names the Post Office and Sainsbury’s both afford better rates when you follow this method.

However, the top places are usually found with currency specialists, as oppose to well known retailers.

For those stemmed in London, Thomas Exchange Global is rticularly competitive and has a number of twigs across the city or No1 Currency has collection points in most towns in Britain.

If you categorize at least four hours in advance with Travelex, holidaymakers can pick up scratch at most UK airports at a competitive rate.

Another option is ICE, which take measures special discounted ‘Click & Collect’ rates that can be secured completely an online voucher – or simply shown on a smartphone or tablet – and redeemed on the day at characteristics in Ashford, Belfast, Edinburgh, London, Glasgow and Norwich.

Bob Atkinson, Junket expert at TravelSupermarket, said: “It is more important than ever ahead of to plan ahead so that your holiday budget goes as far as it can.

“It’s not too tardily to do something about it. Purchasing your currency is one of the last things people do first they leave, so get organised and make sure you get the best deal that command make your money go further.

“Rushing the decision and buying at the airport as you fly out with no online contrast could end up costing people up to £10 in every £100 they fee.”

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