HMRC scam WARNING: Malicious fraudsters want YOUR money in Christmas swindle


Scammers have been sending out emails pretending to be from the HMRCGetty

Scammers are posing as being from the HMRC

Fraudsters be struck by been sending out malicious emails posing as the HMRC pretending the receiver of the message is due a refund.

One email, passed on to, claiming to be from “HM” looks on the surface to be convincing enough.

The message said the recipient was due a refund of £337.33 and the HMRC had check out to automatically refund the money “but were unable to do so as we don’t have your Credit/Debit Credit card detail on file”.

It instructed the recipient to click on a link and have their Easter card details ready.

Scammers have been sending out emails similar to this oneTwitter

An email message, similar to this one, is being sent out from scammers

The communication then added some bogus ID numbers and reference numbers.

A spokesman for the HMRC asserted “HMRC takes cybercrime extremely seriously.

“We have modified the impact and volume of email scams affecting our customers, including recently completing a technical control in that prevents hundreds of millions of malicious HMRC sorted emails a year from ever being received.

“Anyone who has received an HMRC email that they theorize is a scam, please send it to [email protected] and don’t open any links or friendships that are enclosed.”

The HMRC provides its own advice on how to avoid being a scapegoat of an online scam on its website:

People can report what they put ones trust in to be scam emails to [email protected]

The HMRC also said that they would not put a cast on the alleged non=payment in any email.

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