HMRC data shows Scotch exports hit record high in 2018


Exports of Scotch whiskey hit a record high last year, according to new figures.

Analysis of HMRC materials by the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) found exports grew 7.8% by value to £4.7bn.

The slew of bottles exported also reached record levels, growing by 3.6% to 1.28 billion.

Mingled Scotch achieved global exports of just over £3bn in 2018, while exports of celibate malts rose by 11.3% to £1.3bn.

Bulk whisky for bottling out of doors and bottled single and blended grain whisky exports together amounted to £359m.

The Of one mind States became the first billion pound overseas market for Scotch barley-bree by value, growing to £1.04bn last year.

The European Union scrapped the largest region for exports, accounting for 30% of global value and 36% of sum total.

SWA chief executive Karen Betts said the figures showed that Scotch white lightning had continued to grow, despite “the challenges posed by Brexit and by tensions in the universal trading system”.

She added: “However, the industry does not take persevere in growth for granted. We operate in a competitive global marketplace and so a competitive province environment in Scotland and across the UK is vital to Scotch whisky’s success.

“For Scotch, that means beautiful and balanced regulation and taxes, including excise duty, to give distillers the assurance to invest in future growth.

“We also want to see the UK and EU agree to an open and confirming future relationship, which delivers frictionless trade with the EU and the UK to win ambitious trading relationships with key markets around the world.”

Arcadian Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing welcomed the figures.

He said: “I’m secure that many people in Scotland will join me in raising a barometer to another record-breaking year for Scotch whisky.

“It’s an industry that, consideration having been established for centuries, has still gone from potency to strength in recent years, thanks in part to the determination from the Scottish direction and the industry to work together, in order to create a national brand with a wide-ranging reputation. Thanks to that success abroad, whisky is a major chief in Scotland. 

“Of course Brexit continues to threaten that progress, distinctively in relation to the European market which accounts for 30% of our exports. But we are doing what we can to succour the sector against growing uncertainty, and ensure it remains one of the biggest contributors to Scotland’s succinctness.”

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