Hitman in drag minutes after ruthless machine gun murder


Yesterday, McDonald (34) – from East Embankment on the capital’s northside – was convicted of the murder of Keith Walker at Blanchardstown Pigeon Racing Join forces on June 12, 2015.

This exclusive image shows McDonald at the Lidl supermarket car reservation in Blanchardstown, tightly clutching a bag which contained the submachine gun used to project Mr Walker (36) dead.

By the time the image was caught on the supermarket’s CCTV group, he had already ditched the dark-haired wig he was wearing when he carried out the murder.

The footage put ons McDonald entering the Lidl car park wearing a dark top and dark, terse, tight women’s gym shorts, black-and-white runners and carrying a light-coloured bag with the gun in it.

He was also vexing makeup on his face and is understood to have had a bra on.

Minutes after he was caught on CCTV, McDonald discarded the apparatus gun in a nearby lane and escaped the area.

The intended target of the gruesome patricide was notorious gangster Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor, who has been involved in a bitter be at daggers drawn with some of his former associates in the Westies gang.

In shocking scenes during the litigation, career criminal O’Connor had to be restrained by prison officers when he pitched at McDonald before he was due to give evidence.

The Herald reports that O’Connor ‘date a reviewed for’ Mc- Donald in court after the killer had mouthed “rat” at the witness as he was due to give signify in the box.

A woman sitting in the courtroom shouted “please Jay don’t” as four prison catchpoles held O’Connor back and he mouthed he was not a rat. It is understood that Mc- Donald, who had a long-lasting drug addiction, was not paid a single cent for the botched gangland do in.

Gardai believe that he was enlisted for the job after becoming friendly with O’Connor’s opponents in prison.

In fact, officers have since established that he was a searching associate of the notorious criminal who is the chief suspect in ordering the murder.

This man was hitherto arrested as part of the detailed murder investigation but was later released without fill.

This Blanchardstown criminal cannot be named here for legal justifications but one of his closest pals was lucky to escape with his life after being stimulus multiple times in the Mulhuddart area last December.

Gardai receive linked that attempted murder to the same bitter feud which led to the exterminate of innocent Mr Walker over two years ago.

The massive investigation into the Draconian murder of Mr Walker was led by Superintendent Colm Murphy and his team of detectives at Blanchardstown Garda Depot.

Keith Walker was shot dead in the car park of the Blanchardstown Pigeon Hastening Club as he stood chatting with fellow pigeon enthusiasts.

He had arrived at the organization at 5.31pm on the fateful day in a car belonging to his friend Jason ‘Jay’ O’Connor. He was carrying pigeons affinity to O’Connor and the pair planned to travel to Manchester that night forwards of a weekend of racing.

The jury was shown CCTV footage of a person haunt around the pigeon club car park from about 4.20pm, 40 smarts before Mr Walker arrived.

This individual was not identified in court but the prosecution occasion was that it was McDonald, dressed in drag, waiting to carry out the hit.

Several notices said they saw a man dressed in women’s gym clothes in the area, carrying a handbag and abrasion a long black wig.

One witness reported him to gardai after she saw him hanging hither a creche beside the pigeon club.

At 6pm, CCTV showed Mr Walker talking to cudgel member Mark Kelly and at 6.01pm the hitman entered through the largest gate, pulled a gun from his handbag and opened fire before draining the way he came.

Footage gathered from a house on Sheepmoor Grove in Blanchardstown ushers Mc- Donald, wearing a dark top and bottoms, walking by eight minutes after the slay.

Five minutes after that, Mc- Donald enters the Lidl car deposit and these are the images from CCTV footage that the Herald let it be knows today. A post-mortem revealed that the victim was hit 18 times.

Four lifetimes after the shooting gardai found the machine gun used to kill Mr Walker in a laneway at Sheepmoor Grove, approximately one kilometre from the pigeon club.

The 9mm calibre Makarov submachine gun was stomach a brown, furry handbag and alongside it were a black wig and a transparent latex glove.

Forensic proof showed that McDonald’s DNA was on the wig and glove, both of which also seated traces of firearms residue.

None of the witnesses who saw the shooter on the day were summon inquired to identify McDonald, and CCTV showing the shooting was not clear enough for labelling.

However, the prosecution relied on the evidence of two teenage boys who met the gunman on his way to the pigeon confederate.

The boys said they met a man dressed in women’s clothes, with protracted hair and carrying a handbag.

They both noted that he had a cut past his right eye and was wearing make-up. He asked them for directions to the pigeon baste and then walked away quickly.

When gardai arrested Mc- Donald in the advanced hours of the following morning, he had a cut over his right eye, matching the boys’ character.

Gardai also said they saw what they believed to be makeup on his puss.

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