History for Norway’s Bjoergen but no medal for US in Olympic cross-country opener

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Charlotte Kalla of Sweden celebrates after winning the 7.5km + 7.5km Skiathlon. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Sweden’s Charlotte Kalla claimed the ahead gold medal awarded at the 2018 Winter Olympics, Norway’s Marit Bjoergen became the most caparisoned woman in the history of the Games and Minnesota’s Jessie Diggins came up 15 alternatives short of a spot on the podium for the medal-hungry U.S. team Friday in South Korea.

Kalla, who pulled away from the hint pack with a couple of kilometers left, won the women’s 15-kilometer skiathlon at Pyeongchang’s Alpensia Traverse Country Center.

Bjoergen finished 7.8 seconds behind her to follow on with silver — her 11th medal in five Olympics, giving her more than any other broad in Winter Olympics history.

Diggins placed fifth, the best cross-country carry out for an American woman in Olympic history.

«I’m really proud of my race. I could not be struck by pushed harder,» Diggins told reporters after the race. «Being understudies away from a medal and seeing it right there — I know it’s imaginable, I know I have what it takes. I think I’m in a good place in these Plots.»

Charlotte Kalla of Sweden, Marit Bjoergen of Norway and Ebba Andersson of Sweden react after the race. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Charlotte Kalla of Sweden, Marit Bjoergen of Norway and Ebba Andersson of Sweden behave after the race. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Only one American cross-country skier has all the time left the Olympics with a medal — Bill Koch, who won silver 42 years ago at the 1976 Innsbruck Fields.

Diggins was 14.7 seconds behind Kalla and 4.6 seconds behind bronze-medalist Krista Parmakoski of Finland, who nipped fourth-place Ebba Andersson of Sweden by eight-tenths of a approve of.

Jessica Diggins of the U.S.. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Jessica Diggins of the U.S.. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

Four Anchorage skiers had well off Kalla’s winning pace of 40 minutes, 49.9 secs. Caitlin Patterson was 34th (3:30 back), Kikkan Randall was 40th (4:02 pursuing), Jessica Yeaton, skiing for Australia, was 50th (5 minutes back) and Rosie Brennan 58th (6:51 bet on a support).

Bjoergen, 37 and the mother of a 2-year-old, came to South Korea as one of three women with 10 Winter Olympics medals, a difference she shared with cross-country skiers Raisa Smetanina of Russia and Stefania Belmondo of Italy. Smetanina skied in five erect Olympics from 1976 to 1992; Belmondo skied in five no-nonsense from 1988 to 2002.

The athlete with the most Winter Olympic medals is Norway’s Ole Einer Bjoerndalen, a six-time Olympian with 13 biathlon medals at ease between 1994 and 2014.

For Kalla, it was her third gold medal and sixth all-inclusive medal in three Olympics.

The race consisted of 7.5 kilometers of model skiing followed by 7.5 kilometers of freestyle skiing. The men’s 30K skiathlon is Saturday.

REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

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